I am Professor of Transnational Studies and interested in understanding processes of migration, mobility, transnationalisation and boundary making, and their concomitant production of inequalities linked to ethnicity, race, class, religion or gender. 

I am pleased that you are interested in my work and my activities!

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Gendernativism in the (il)Liberal State: The Burqa Ban in Switzerland, nccr on the move, blog series. February.2021. Auf Deutsch hier - en français ici

Film YouTube: Les marchés… sans marchés ? Conséquences de la pandémie sur les marchés, l’espace publique et la sociabilité - subtitles in English / deutsche Untertitel, June 2020

Wir und die Anderen, nationalistische Rezepte gegen Corona, Interview RaBe , April 2020

The Migrant-Citizen Nexus in View of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Can We De-Migranticize Responses? NCCR-on the move, Covid-19 Blog Series, 12.5.2020

The corona crisis from a gender perspective: opening up a debate, Swiss Society for Gender Studies, May 2020

2021. Contesting categories: cross-border marriages from the perspectives of the state, spouses and researchers. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 47 (2): 325-342. With Joëlle Moret and Apostolos Andrikopoulos. 

2020. The conceptual limits of the ‘migration journey’. De-exceptionalising mobility in the context of West African trajectories. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies:1-17. With Joris Schapendonk and Matthieu Bolay.

2020. "Transnational mobility networks and academic social capital among early-career academics: beyond common-sense assumptions." Global Networks n/a (n/a). With Martine Schaer and  Cédric Jacot


2020. "The Reconfiguration of European Boundaries and Borders: Cross-border Marriages from the Perspective of Spouses in Sri Lanka." Migration Letters 17 (4): 511-520.

2020. "Revisiting Borders and Boundaries: Exploring Migrant Inclusion and Exclusion from Intersectional Perspectives." Migration Letters 17 (4): 477-485.

2020. "Knowledge production, reflexivity, and the use of categories in migration studies: tackling challenges in the field."  Ethnic and Racial Studies:1-20.

2020. "Gender matters! Le genre comme élément crucial de la production des inégalités."  SAGW Bulletin (1):41-4.